Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder

The Mini Mazzer Grinder range provides an affordable yet high quality choice of machinery.

Mini Mazzer Coffee Grinder Range

There are three varieties of the Mini Mazzer Coffee Grinder, you can opt for the coffee grinder most suited to your coffee requirements. Each of the three machines in the Mini Mazzer Coffee Grinder range are suited to domestic use and light commercial use.

Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder (Type A)


The Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder is a compact grinder, but don’t be fooled by it’s size.

It may be compact, but the Mazzer Mini range oozes power and efficiency.

A professional grinder that meets the approval of coffee lovers throughout the globe, where beans are ground and dispensed on demand – providing the freshest coffee possible.


The Mazzer Mini Electronic features:

  • 250 watt motor, 64mm blades
  • 64mm Burr Set
  • 2 programmable precision dosing timers
  • Legendary Mazzer build quality
  • Supplied with large 1.2kg bean hopper
  • Dimensions (mm): (w x d x h) 158 x 355 x 460

In addition, with your purchase you will gain a 1 year base return warranty and free delivery in England, Wales and the Scottish lowlands.

To order your Mazzer Mini Timer, call us on 01787 466877 or order direct from A1 Coffee here.

Mazzer Mini Auto Coffee Grinder

Mazzer-Mini-Auto-Coffee-GrinderThe Mini Mazzer Auto Coffee Grinder features the impressive auto grind facility.

This makes it well suited to larger and busier settings. This machine features a paddle and sensor which means coffee beans are freshly ground when required.

To purchase a Mazzer Mini Auto, call today on 01787 466877 or order direct from A1 Coffee.


The Mazzer Mini Auto features:

  • 250 watt motor, 58mm blades
  • Automatically monitors and re-fuels the dosing chamber
  • Peaceful operation
  • Lowest UK price
  • Includes large 1.2kg bean hopper
  • Dimensions (mm): (w x d x h) 158 x 355 x 460 (h) including hopper

Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder Parts

If you are looking for Mazzer Mini Grinder parts, you can obtain all the relevant parts to ensure your Mazzer Mini Coffee machine works efficiently all year long. We understand how important it is to keep your customers happy, which is why we offer the highest quality products at affordable prices, available to buy with ease online.

Here are just some of the parts we sell: