Mazzer Major Coffee Grinder

The Mazzer Major Coffee Grinder range is ideal for use in commercial settings with a high volume of customers. It’s heavy duty nature enables the Mazzer Major range to cope extremely well under pressure and to work at high speed too.

For an impressive performance, not to mention a dependable functionality, the Mazzer Major Coffee Grinder Range is a strong contender to fulfil all of your coffee requirements.

Mazzer Major Grinder Range

The Mazzer Major Grinder Range boasts three model varieties including the Timer Coffee Grinder, the Auto Coffee Grinder and the Electronic Coffee Grinder. Each of which provide a unique functionality to suit the operator’s preference.

The Timer Coffee Grinder is a reliable choice. It’s robust, yet quiet characteristics, mean you can gain the power you want, without the unnecessary noise.

If you are rushed off your feet serving customers, the Auto Coffee Grinder lends a helping hand with it’s multi-operational functionality, providing a practical and efficient option.

The perfect choice for the coffee enthusiast is the Electronic Coffee Grinder. This sturdy machine is designed especially for heavy duty wear and tear. Built purposely for commercial use, to be used by skilled users only.

Mazzer Major Electronic Grinder

Mazzer-Major-Grinder-elecThe Mazzer Major Electronic Grinder features:

  • A powerful 650 watt motor with 83mm blades
  • Grinding blade speed of 1600 rpm
  • 1 year base return warranty
  • Free delivery within England, Wales and Scottish lowlands
  • Quiet operation
  • 1.8kg bean hopper supplied
  • Full size grinder measuring: 25″ H x 8.25″ W x 11.5″ D

The Mazzer Major Electronic Grinder is the specialist option. It has received enormous praise from coffee enthusiasts all over the globe. It is primarily aimed for commercial use, as opposed to domestic, due to it’s sturdiness. This electronic grinder possesses a solid cast metal body and should be operated by skilled users only.

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Mazzer Major Timer Coffee Grinder

Mazzer-Major-Grinder-timer-autoThe Mazzer Major Timer Coffee Grinder features:

  • A  robust 650 watt motor with 83mm blades
  • 1600 rpm grinding blade speed
  • Base return 1 year warranty
  • Free delivery around England, Wales and Scottish lowlands
  • Smooth operation
  • Bean Hopper 1.8kg included
  • Professional grinder measuring: 25″ H x 8.25″ W x 11.5″ D

The Mazzer Major Timer Coffee Grinder is the superb choice for precision. It allows the user to decide the exact quantity of coffee to grind. This means a reduction of coffee ground unnecessarily, saving waste and encouraging coffee from going stale in the dosing chamber.

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